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Do you know that your dryer vent is a hidden fire hazard inside your house? When lint buildup, it can be a potential fire hazard & put you in danger. Thus, give Eco Safe Duct Cleaning Lewisville TX a call for regular dryer vent cleaning service.

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Why Is Vent Cleaning Important?

Just like the air ducts, your dryer vents aren't a thing you can see inside it easily. Thus, it's easy to forget & overlook its cleaning for a long time. Over time, you will find the clothes lint buildup inside your lint trap & the dryer vent itself. This lint is one of the most flammable items in any house!

According to estimates of the US Fire Administration's National reports, 84% of Webster, Texas house fire accidents result from the dryer vent. A dirty dryer vent is the leading cause of the most deadly house fires in the world. That's why it's essential to get your dryer vents cleaned professionally with Eco Safe Duct Cleaning Lewisville TX

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Symptoms Of Dirty Dryer Vent

Do you notice that your clothes are taking longer than usual to dry up? Does it usually feel hot to touch? When you see that the laundry room & the dryer is warmer than normal while running your dryer, this is a sign that you have a clogged dryer. Burning smells isn't the usual smell of a laundry room!

Once you notice any of the previous signs over your dryer vent, make sure to call Eco Safe Duct Cleaning Lewisville, TX. These signs show that your dryer is clogged with lint that should be cleaned right away or will cost you severe damages! High energy bills, damp cloths, or it has been more than a year since the last cleaning all signs need us, call us!

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Benefits Of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Out of regular dryer vent cleaning, you will get so many benefits that will enhance your lifestyle. For instance, your clothes won't take extra cycles anymore to dry up & will stay safe against excess heat by the end of drying times. You will enjoy increased safety as your dryer won't feel hot again out of airflow blockages. This means that your dryer won't work harder.

With Eco Safe Duct Cleaning Lewisville TX's professional dryer vent cleaning, you will get low energy consumption and extend your appliance's lifespan. There's no more breakdowns or any damages. No more carbon monoxide backup or fires threat! You will get these benefits and more at the cheapest prices & free estimates; call now!

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